Ali Watson

Ali Watson is Executive Director of the Third Generation Project and Professor of International Relations (IR) at the University of St Andrews. A long-time advocate of the importance of changing the focus of International Relations to individuals and communities rather than states and organisations, she co-founded the Third Generation Project in order to provide a space for scholarship, knowledge exchange and policy engagement.

Originally trained as a macroeconomist, her work includes a focus upon the significance of children in the international system, as well as examinations of the significance of rights frameworks to marginalised communities.

Ali Watson’s personal webpage

Bennett Collins

Bennett Collins is co-founder and Policy Director of the Third Generation Project. His research centres on state and multinational crime, and more broadly on issues of collective rights and how groups and communities seek to improve them. This includes a focus upon the rights of Indigenous Peoples, climate justice, restorative justice mechanisms, reconciliation processes, genocide studies and postcolonial theory, with particular reference to North America and East Africa.

Throughout his work he has focussed upon using qualitative research methods, grounded in critical IR scholarship, to undertake collaborative research, an approach that results in a high level of policy engagement.

Bennett Collins’ personal webpage

Meghan Laws

Meghan Laws is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Her dissertation research focuses on the historical evolution of ‘ethnic regimes’ in post-independence Rwanda.

She recently completed extensive archival work in Brussels, Belgium, and six months of fieldwork in Rwanda. Meghan also works as a volunteer consultant for the African Initiative for Mankind Progress Organization (AIMPO) in Rwanda, a grassroots, non-governmental organization that advocates for the rights and interests of Rwanda’s HMP/Batwa population.