Our approach

Reframing the discourse

The Third Generation Project advocates for a reframing of the discourse surrounding collective rights, arguing that long-term solutions to the critical issues facing our world – including intolerance, environmental degradation and poverty – require a collective conversation that prioritises the voices of those from communities dealing with these issues on a daily basis.

Prioritising communities

We thus support a collaborative and community-centred approach that highlights the knowledge systems so often overlooked by Western praxis, and that works with marginalized communities to identify both the pressing problems affecting their communities, and the potential solutions to them.

Creating conversations

In doing so we hope to bring communities, academics, activists, practitioners and policymakers together to create the potential for policy change.

Reframing research

The Third Generation Project thus carries out in-depth, meticulous and critical research that espouses innovative policy options based on long-term community engagement and participation.